Sleep apnea (Dying to sleep)

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Please help get sleep apnoea recognised,  this is a very serious condition that can kill if not treated,  even when treated  not everyone will feel better,  and many will still have bad days,  as it's a daily battle.  Treatment is ongoing and this condition should be taken seriously. Not blamed on weight or other factors,  because there are many things that can cause Obstructive & Central Sleep Apnoea.



Sleep apnoea is a very severe condition,  which leads to exhaustion,  snoring,
Breathing pauses, high blood pressure, Loss of libido, impotence Frequently, diabetes,Tiredness and exhaustion during the day, Fatigue Falling asleep when driving, nodding off,Lack of concentration, Severe irregular snoring with more than 10 breathing pauses per hour, Lack of motivation, slowness and constant tiredness,Frequent urination at night,Restless sleep, often needing to go to the toilet, and night sweats...

The life threatening consequences of obstructive sleep apnoea are caused by lack of oxygen in the blood. Breathing is hindered by respiratory passages that are too narrow and therefore do not allow enough air to reach the lungs. During such breathing interruptions, the oxygen content in the blood declines rapidly, the heart races, blood pressure increases and stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released.

The lack of oxygen during sleep can lead to the death of brain cells and insidious organ damage. The heart and the brain react particularly sensitively to the lack of oxygen. “A medically relevant sleep apnoea – meaning at least five to ten breaths are missed per hour – does not only make you permanently tired, lacking in motivation and exhausted, but has serious consequences for your health,It can encourage the development of metabolic problems such as the development of diabetes, insidious dementia, the risk of high blood pressure and other heart diseases or lead to impotence.................... 

 Sleep apnoea can cause severe depression due to people losing their driving licences along with their jobs worrying about how they are going to survive and people also suffering from memory loss due to sleep deprivation. Also relationship breakdowns.. cpap therapy isn't an instant fix, it's an ongoing condition that doesn't go away, it's a constantly battle trying to sleep hooked up to a machine.