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Every day, animals are being beaten and shocked before they are sent to the slaughterhouses. The workers beat the pigs, cows, and any other animals to release their anger by kicking them, hitting them with a bat, or shocking the animals with high voltage electricity. Their throats are cut while they are still conscious. Baby pigs are slammed onto the concrete floor. They are forced to walk so the inspections can approve them to be sent to the slaughterhouses. Many are crammed in cages unable to move in their whole life. Sometimes they die of starvation or they have little fresh air. Chickens are crammed in cages and their beaks are cut without painkillers. Excuses should not be excepted. Humane slaughterhouses or organic places feed the animals and give them space to roam, so why don't the other slaughterhouses in the world do the same. There are laws and programs to stop the inhumane treatment, but how do we know they are not going to continue what they are doing, continue torturing the animals, and making human civilization as if it was a myth. Speak up for the animals, by eating less meat and buying organic meat, and prove to the rest of the world that we care and we don't let greediness get a hold of us.

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