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Make Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald's a Panoply Podcast

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Celebrity podcaster and investigative journalist Brian Thompson was recently duped by a "bad actor" claiming to be a Mr. Panoply of the Panoply Podcast network. Mr. Panoply (who was subsequently determined to be a Mr. Monroe Boswell) convinced Mr. Thompson his ground breaking investigative podcast What Ever Happened to Pizza at McDonald's? should be under the Panoply Network and join Panoply podcasts of similar excellence like Glop Cultured and Lady Throb.

Unfortunately, Mr. Panoply turned out to be a grifter using a fake but legit sounding name "Mr. Panoply", took Mr. Thompson's hard-earned cash, gave him a cheap certificate of "Panoply Joining Authenticity" printed on a library laser printer, and then disappeared to Minnesota with most of Mr. Thompson's hard-earned money.

For several episodes, Mr. Thompson was unaware he was not part of the Panoply family of podcasts and was the victim of a very cruel grift. He earnestly billed his show as being part of that esteemed family of podcasts and for at least 3 or 4 shows upheld the high production and journalistic standards Panoply would require of a real member of its podcast family. Shockingly, despite good faith on his part, Mr. Thompson only found out he was improperly claiming to BE part of the Panoply podcast family when he got a cease and desist letter from the organization's lawyer.

Although Mr. Thompson no longer makes claims of being part of the Panoply family of podcasts, we the undersigned believe Mr. Thompson, having shown his investigative skills and audio production skills, deserves to be a member of the Panoply family of podcasts. We, the undersigned, request, in good faith, that Panoply allows Mr. Thompson to be at least an "Honorary" ("Honourary" if your region settings are for Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and lots of island nations about), member in good standing of the Panoply network. A John Snow kind of thing.

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