cyberbullying of Singapore Land Authority must be stopped !

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First, let me introduce myself , I was former employee in Singapore Land Authority,and graduate from polytechnic with a diploma. I had met former colleague by chance, and eventually had a mini-gathering with others still working in Singapore Land Authority , and we had talk about what happened in Singapore Land Authority.

I was boiled with rage when I heard about my former colleagues and superiors being de-moralised by monthly humiliating emails sent by former SLA employee , who then CCed to SLA management, HR dept, and even President of Singapore, Prime Minister of Singapore, and Minister for Law.

SLA management refused to take legal action against him to protect its employees . Instead, they chastised employees and one manager was demoted to assistant manager, and Snr Manager / Snr Asst Registrar of Titles  had been demoted to lesser stature, Head of Land Titles Registry 1 / Asst Registrar of Titles.

This is quite humiliating that many managers and 3 heads resigned.

Since 2002, Singapore Land Authority employees had been target of cyberbullying by former staff who is fired from his job. Every month since now, Singapore Land Authority had been humiliated by this person who had good relationship with someone in management. and he never get sued . and many diploma holders in Singapore Land Authority don't experience good career prospect. Many of them are still holding same position for years without getting promotion.

I hope to see justice being served .

Former employee must be taken to court for his cyberbullying and some management should be investigated for corruption.