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Skype why do you hate Blackberry Playbook users?

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The Blackberry Playbook has been around for quite a while and many if not all users probably have a Skype account so why do we see Skype apps on all other devices exept Blackberry OS.

We have had several events like the last one where many users emailed the CEO with their concerns.
So based on that we had it before I just copy the mail and hope that this explains what we want to do with this petition!
Thanks Christopher Pickard and lets see how many people support us!

To whom it may concern,

I am emailing you today for one simple reason, I, and many others, want a Skype app for the Blackberry Playbook.

We understand that when you develop an app, you want to be sure it will succeed, and we respect that, but we believe a Skype app for the Blackberry Playbook would succeed. First of all, while Skype may be waiting for Playbook sales to increase before developing an app, I know for a fact that a lot of people are put off by the fact that the Playbook doesn't have Skype, and possibly even avoid buying a Playbook because of it. Essentially, your app could generate more business for the Playbook, which would in turn generate more business for said app. Also, with the Playbooks two cameras, 1080p video, and stereo microphones, Skype could be a better experience on the Blackberry Playbook than most laptops, and certainly the iPad or Android tablets. Additionally, with the Blackberry Playbook's OS 2.0 update coming in February, critics and fans alike are anticipating a truly great operating system for the tablet, and a large increase in sales. There are so many reasons Skype would be successful for the Blackberry Playbook, and so many reasons you should develop it. The biggest reason? We want it, not to sound demanding, but this is what the consumer wants.

Another thing which should be taken into account, is that with RIM's plans for BlackBerry Playbook OS and BlackBerry OS 10 to eventually merge, Playbook OS 2.0 apps and BlackBerry OS 10 apps are very compatible, that is, an app designed for BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 would need only very minor tweaking, and it would be capable of running on BlackBerry phones which use OS 10. There you have it, with the development of only one app, Skype could be supported on the BlackBerry Playbook, as well as BlackBerry OS 10 phones, and this would be big news. With newer BlackBerry phones, and the BlackBerry Playbook instantly supported, Skype would have a massive new market of consumers, and BlackBerry users, and especially potential users, would be much more likely to invest in such devices, leading to higher sales for RIM, and for Skype. Skype for the Playbook WILL increase sales for both companies. Skype is something millions of people use, and it should be available to millions more, especially with the way Skype is all about supporting any and all platforms.

I don't have to tell you why Skype is so great, it brings people together across the world, and it provides great work opportunities for companies that frequently use telecommuting. From soldiers speaking with their kids across the ocean, but face to face, to companies working out mergers, to kids in their basements talking about video games; Skype brings people together, and keeps the world interconnected in a way that no other VoIP or Video Chatting software even remotely rivals. We want Skype for the Blackberry Playbook, and we think you should want it too.

Thank you for your time, sincerely,

The Consumer

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