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Revoke a decision regarding the implementation of a block schedule

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Because of a drastic change in administration as of the 2016 school year, the new administration is planning for a change from the traditional 7-period school day to a block schedule in order to support students who have not earned enough credits to graduate with 8 classes. 

Although it sounds beneficial to students, a block schedule does not suit the demographics at Skyline. The school is not filled with only students missing credits. In fact, many students are on track to graduation. Implementing a block schedule will lessen the amount of time for each class overall. The administration is planning 90 minute classes, 4 classes a day, with 8 total classes. If this happens, we are actually losing weeks worth of instruction for each class. This will be especially detrimental towards students taking AP courses and are part of the IB program. 

Also, the administration claims the block schedule will motivate students to attend class, but it will actually do the opposite. Students cannot sit in a class for 90 minutes without falling asleep. Can you imagine being in an English class for 90 minutes? I can't. I would ditch, and that is coming from a student who has never done so.

What if a student misses school for a day because of illness? Then they would basically be missing two days worth of lessons. Teachers cannot teach everything they need to in a mere two hundred minutes each week, split into two days. Students need time to absorb materials from one day and then come back with questions the next.

And what about FLEX schedule? Many students only need maybe 20 or 50 credits in their senior year to meet graduation requirements. If a block schedule gets rid of FLEX, then what is the point of taking extra four classes? Although it is still a mystery whether or not block schedule will be getting rid of FLEX, it is still worrisome to students who are planning to start working or have internships during the school day. Also, what if the classes we want to take are only offered for a specific period? AP Calculus AB/BC, for example, is only offered once a day now. If it were offered on 4th period, then it would hinder calculus students who apply for jobs. 

This does not only apply to calculus, but all other courses as well, especially in the performing arts department. Block scheduling will prevent dancers, actors, and choir from proper rehearsal, thus affecting their performances.

Not only did the administration not consider the voices of the students, they have not considered how the block schedule will affect teachers. They are adding an extra 8th period on teachers' plates and are practically forcing them to deal with more students and more work. Skyline already has a lack of teachers, but this is overbearing.

Give students a voice. We are most affected by this change and our opinions should be taken into account. Obviously the new administration has not learned enough about the students in this school to accurately assess all of our needs opinions. The administration says they want to take the students into account, but they have not. 

Please support Skyline students in having our voices be heard.

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