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Uphold Benny's Honor

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After 9 years of faithful service to our community hospital, and 23 years in serving our country's military, Benny Bowman has been singled-out, bullied, and harassed by Skylakes administration. For eight months Benny has been under emotional stress and been prescribed blood pressure medication. After receiving no support from Human Resources, Benny was wrongfully terminated for items which are neither existing policies or forewarned incidents. After going through the appropriate measures to file a grievance, Benny was called into Skylakes to receive a letter upholding the termination. This is not the first time in the history of this administration where employees have been treated poorly, where directors will uphold politics before people. When went in to pick up the letter, Benny asked HR to make copies of his files for his attorney, answered questions of the HR representative and proceeded to leave. The following day, in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy, Benny was called by local law enforcement and told not to go anywhere near the facility and that a report of a threat was made. Throughout the afternoon and the following day, Benny's photo was plastered all over Skylakes and employees are being told by administration that Benny was escorted out of the facility by police and that he threatened to shoot somebody. Benny made no such threat, nor was he escorted out of the hospital. These claims were made nearly 24 hours after his prior contact with HR.
Benny is a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He has weathered this workplace storm remarkably better than most would. He has done all that is necessary to work towards a peaceful solution. Has he been upset and under emotional distress? Yes. But he has made no threats or any form of violence.
We are calling on Skylakes administration to publicly apologize for reporting such false claims. These false claims against Benny are severe defamation of character and libel.

It's been said that "a lie can make it half way around the world before truth can get his boots on." These claims about Benny are absolutely false. This behavior by Skylakes administration is not only unprofessional, but is a blatant defamation of character and libel. I am horrified that an innocent man is being treated like a terrorist. If you know Benny, he wouldn't harm a fly or make any threats for that matter. Skylakes should be ashamed of themselves for causing such emotional distress to our family and spreading fear and lies throughput the medical community. This situation is unlawful and completely unprofessional.

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