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Dear Skybound,

after Robert Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead promoted this game on panels and press releases, tens of thousands of Walking Dead fans purchased Overkills The Walking Dead for $59.99. We paid that specific price for two seasons of content. On February 27th, Skybound pulled the IP for the game. The fans of the game and Walking Dead franchise were no longer allowed to get support, bug fixes or the remaining content we paid for.

We did not get six playable story missions, a seventh playable character or even the bug fixes that Overkill already had planned to release two days after the IP was pulled. For some, this created an unplayable environment for people who had already invested money in this product only three months prior. Recently it came out that Overkill have already finished the work for season two. No attempts were made by Skybound to make good on this, despite many letters sent from fans.

As consumers and believers in this product, we expect the content that we paid for. If the content is finished anyway, you should consider letting the fans who paid for it, have it. Console gamers pre-ordered this content and got their money back. PC players were completely forgotten.

If Skybound refuses to make good on this, we may have to unite and boycott future Walking Dead games.