A single dad's epic fight for justice, in #1 Google ranked biggest fraud in TV history.

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"Staggering"  "Outrageous"  "Non-coincidental"

These words have been used by academics and professionals to describe the similarities between Sky TV's Britannia - the most expensively produced drama in that broadcaster's history - and Tribus: the original, academically submitted and copyrighted creation of myself, Ben Krushkoff (Crushcov); created whilst a mature student at Bath Spa University.

Based on the growing opinion of those in academia, including the head of the UK’s ‘flagship Creative Writing course’, and other writers and professionals familiar with the case, this would make it arguably the biggest case of intellectual property (IP) fraud in the history of television.

Why is it a fraud, you may ask? Well, quite simply I haven't been accredited as writing the original material from which that show had to have spawned, and this petition is a key part of my efforts to get Britannia's copyright holders to right that wrong (and I don't plan on stopping until they do!).

In order to understand my story I've made a number of videos hosted on the website: www.britanniatvseries.com They explain:

  • how and why I wrote a television show about the Celtic tribes, the Druids and Romans Invaders of 43AD, making a huge personal sacrifice along the way.
  • why I gave the only copy of my final script to a former TV editor and journalist at the Sun newspaper, who'd offered to market my work and wanted to show the script to a well-known film producer.
  • who that film producer is, and how he went on to be accredited as 'the mastermind' behind Britannia, with a first episode written by his ex-brother-in-law (one of the UK's pre-eminent scriptwriters).
  • what the similarities are and why I am certain, as are a growing number of academics and industry professionals, that an adaptation of my work has to have taken place.
  • when I attempted to assert my legal rights over my copyright, I was faced with what looks like a major breach of confidence and possibly an attempt to pervert the course of justice, by lawyers who I put my faith in.

All of these points, as you will see if you take the time to watch the videos on my website, can be backed up by evidence. And please note, it's not just me who thinks my work has been adapted: highly respected writers and members of a university faculty are also in agreement.

Whilst I try and raise a six-figure sum - a huge amount for anybody, least of all a single dad and struggling lecturer/writer - to take on a company with seemingly unlimited funds, in a High Court battle that may last for years, I have decided to go public with my case and ask for YOUR support in the form of a digital signature, like and share.

So, please help me in my fight for justice and the realisation of a lifelong dream that has been cruelly taken away from me in a case of greed, nepotism and members of the entertainment establishment looking out for each other, by taking the time to view my site and videos and/or signing the petition below. It will be sent to Sky (UK) Ltd, copyright holders of Britannia, demanding they give me the creator's credit, alongside that as the writer of their show's all important first episode. 

Your support really can make a difference.