Demand that Sky and Virgin add a SENIOR MODE to their needlessly complex TV boxes.

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TV services like the Sky and Virgin all singing / all dancing boxes are baffling and scary to elderly people. Too many buttons with tiny writing on the remotes, too much tiny text on the screen.

Also, so-called accessibility features (such as they are) rarely take into account that older people don't want unlimited CHOICE, they just want easy access to a handful of channels that they like and not have to wade through a million menus to get there. They are used to having a few channels and scrolling through them one by one. Taking them through hundreds of channels is pointless and depressing.

For example, my father is 83 and physically fit and very intelligent and resourceful . . . but he is made to feel stupid, useless and irrelevant by the needless modern complexity of what used to be (from his perspective) a very simple household device.

I would think that Sky and Virgin would jump at the chance to serve a whole new demographic and accrue thousands of dedicated senior subscribers by the simple addition of a SENIOR MODE to their devices. Simpler menus with larger text, simpler remotes with fewer and bigger buttons.

It makes a lot of sense . . . which is why I am amazed that neither company offers that kind of service.

Along with that service, it would also be welcome to have the assurance that no upselling or additional telemarketing will be aimed at seniors. Their data should be secure and guaranteed not sold on to satellite box insurance scammers etc., as seems to happen all too frequently. Too many companies take advantage of senior citizens to cynically upsell them services they don't need, like additional channel packages, device insurance etc. This is a hazard and a barrier to senior users of TV services.

All they need to be satisfied customers is a simple, secure and easily comprehensible service, serving their physical and mental impairments and not taking advantage of their age for commercial purposes.

This is not something which would be very hard to do.

Of course, I know all too well that young people and families are the total focus market for TV companies and hey shareholders love growth. But as well as being the right thing to do it makes good economic sense to keep all segments of the public able to enjoy your products.

We are never going to run out of old people and as medicine and diet and lifestyle choices improve people are living much longer. The senior market is growing all the time. Doesn't it make sense to serve them what they need?

So, Sky and Virgin, do the right thing and add a SENIOR MODE to your devices.

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