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Take The Film BRIDGEND OFF SKY TV/Cinema to PREVENT Further Emotional Distress

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It has come to the attention of the families of Bridgend in South Wales that the film "BRIDGEND" has been uploaded to Sky Cinema and other streaming sites. This is causing many of the people of bridgend and other areas emotional distress. The film has not been based on any TRUTH. It is slanderous and a film that glorifies suicide. The media had a huge part to play in what went on in bridgend and for that they where silenced by the police of South Wales and the families that where affected. The circumstances of each loss where individual and in no way a CULT or CULTURE of any KIND exists or existed in Bridgend. Once again the media is glorifying suicide and making money off the loss and pain of those affected. It is a mockery! One family in particular where told that this was never going to be aired in Wales! The film should be blocked! Please help us get Sky/ Netflix any other streaming sites to take the film DOWN. Sky you make enough money without having to use a disgusting film like this. The producer and actors have paid no thought to the devastation or the feelings of the people who have lost their loved ones. It is appalling that you have taken suicide, fabricated the truths and glorified it tonline your pockets. This is a DISGRACE! 

Sky Cinema please take this Film Down. 

Netflix Please Take This Film Down. 

This film in no way depicts any truth. Bridgend and the families affected have suffered enough. 

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