Dougie Cook on TV (Soccer AM)

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Dougie Cook taught several generations as a physical education teacher at Park House School. He retired, but concomitant to his tenure and during his retirement, he has been the heartbeat of reffing in the Newbury District Footballing Leagues. He has recently stopped reffing 11 a side fixtures (as of 2019/2020 season) due to physical limitations at over 80 years old. Nevertheless, he referees at several local 5/6 a side leagues within the west Berkshire town and my involvement with him has been through 6 a side tournaments from veterans to youth squads during the Summer months. 

I know this sounds very ordinary but I don’t think you quite grasp how many lives Dougie’s touched and how much of an influence he’s had in Berkshire and the surrounding counties. Any footballer of sufficient pedigree with have a story about dougie. His notable attribute/secret weapon is his green card that implores you to Think!. It’s basically a sin bin after racking up a few of those. 

Not only is he a referee but he has a magnificent way with the written word penning hand scribed letters to most leading figures within footballing community after seminal performances or acts of philantrophy/good sportsman ship/raising money/achieving honours or the like. He relies on his wife to ferry to and from games, and despite his popularity within footballing social circles he doesn’t own a mobile phone. 

He’s the soul of the footballing community and I think we need to get his commitment to grass roots football recognised on the national podium. The best place to crystallise his achievement of over 50 years of footballing genius, is on the Saturday morning pre-game show: Soccer AM. I think only there, on Sky Sports would his true magnificence be heralded by the National and international audience, who would resonate with the exceptional and outstanding personality that Dougie has become in West Berkshire. 

Please sign if you want to see Dougie receive the public accolades of a TV appearance, before physical limitations prevent such an opportunity.