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The 8,4 km unpaved section of the main road to Eersterivier (MR00388) is the only main road in the Koukamma Municipal area that is still a gravel road, and requires maintenance every 2 weeks at the very least. 

This road serves 2 permanent residential areas of Eersterivier Kruis and Bosmangronde, the largest Protea export farm in the world, 10 dairyfarming enterprises, 7 coastal areas (Oubos-Grootrivier Nature Reserve, Eerste Rivier Strand, Konkiebaai, Eersteriver Holdings, Kammabaai, Skuitbaai and Heidestrand), and the Fynbos Golf Estate. 

The road also serves to transport scholars to and from the primary and secondary schools. The school transport vehicles struggle on the road and in our opinion is an accident waiting to happen.
 The road is also used for the services of the mobile clinic. Due to the poor condition of the road the areas of Bosmangronde and Eerste Rivier Kruis have suffered loss of life due to the fact that the ambulance cannot get to the area fast enough and sometimes takes up to 9 hours to get there. We also have various reported cases of a high infant mortality rate due to complications during child labour and the lack of fast and reliable medical assistance. 
The Eersterivier road crosses 3 streams that overflow the substandard and inefficient culverts, with the effect that the road is not usable after heavy rainfall periods, as often occurs in the Tsitsikamma. A Few vehicles have been washed off the road in the past two years. 
The road is more often than not in a severely bad condition. Car suspensions don’t last, and many tyres have to be replaced unnecessarily. 

Therefore, in light of the above, this road must be prioritized and funding for the tarring of the road must be made available.