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Skokie to not opt out of Cook County minimum wage raise

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In October of 2016, the Cook County Board of Commissioners voted to raise minimum wage to $10/hour beginning July 1, 2017. Rumor has it, the Village of Skokie will be opting out of the wage raise at an upcoming meeting on July 6; this is after the date the wage raise takes effect. 

With surrounding towns like Evanston choosing to raise minimum wage, it makes sense that Skokie would follow suit. If Skokie opts out, many workers will find work elsewhere which will negatively impact Skokie's economy. 

With a mall like Westfield Old Orchard and the newly built Walmart, Skokie is thriving and a wage raise for the minimum wage workers of the village only seems appropriate. Yes, many minimum wage positions are filled by teenagers but with the rising costs of higher education, the current $8.25/hour is not enough to begin paying for college. 

Regardless of the teenagers working for minimum wage, adults and parents are unable to maintain a reasonable financial standing even as full-time workers. A full-time worker making $8.25/hour only makes $17,160 a year, and that is before taxes! That is not a sustainable income. 

Please sign this petition if you disagree with Skokie opting out of raising minimum wage!

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