Stop Skidmore College from Approving the Young Americans for Liberty Club

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Update: Club Affairs YAL Vote

Thank you all for your support and your care for the marginalized students at Skidmore. The proposed Young Americans for Liberty has not been approved as an official club by The Club Affairs Committee. While Club Affairs has voted against approving YAL, they may still appeal to Senate and it is also important to note that YAL is only one symptom of the rampant racism that is increasingly finding a strong foothold at Skidmore. Alumni, parents, and allies off-campus have a level of power that marginalized students on campus do not. Being a marginalized student at Skidmore is often an incredibly isolating experience, often intentionally so, and I implore all of you to continue to forge bonds with current students. Many deeply traumatic events have happened on campus this year, and many students have suffered betrayals and neglect by the Skidmore administration and leadership. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of speaking with current students, following them on social media, and sharing the experiences they speak to. I ask all parents and alumni to look into the increasingly troubling situation on campus before continuing to contribute any financial donations to Skidmore.  In the interest of transparency and because so many of those who have signed are Skidmore alumni I am including the following email, which was sent out by President Marc Conner to the Skidmore Community this morning:  "Dear Skidmore Community,  On Friday evening, Skidmore’s Student Club Affairs Committee (CAC) determined that a proposed Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) club would not be granted a club trial period. Some of you might have seen social media discussion about this matter, which has now drawn news media attention. The students proposing a YAL club could appeal the decision, or they could move forward by seeking approval from the Student Government Association’s Senate without CAC approval. The decision of whether to approve a proposed club is an issue of student governance. The student leaders whom our students have elected as their representatives have the right to vote to decide the outcome of this process. This is an important part of the educative experience for our students as they freely conduct their affairs and think about public discourse, civic engagement and campus culture. As I have shared before, at the very heart of Skidmore College’s mission statement is this principle: "The College seeks to prepare liberally educated graduates to continue their quest for knowledge and to make the choices required of informed, responsible citizens." The exercise of student government is a crucial part of this mission that the College strongly supports. As an institution, Skidmore has been abundantly clear about our absolute and unswerving commitment to freedom of speech and freedom of association and assembly. These fundamental rights apply to all, regardless of political persuasion or other differences, including views and beliefs. The rare exception would be hate speech, in which violence is clearly the goal, which would not be tolerated in our community. As always, I encourage all members of our community to exercise their freedom of speech and freedom of association and to engage with each other with patience, courtesy and respect for one another.   Sincerely, Marc C. Conner President "  

1 year ago