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Reconsider the termination of Joanne Dugan's contract


Three years after graduating Skidmore College, I still talk to exactly one school employee, and she wasn't a coach or professor. No, her name is Joanne Dugan.

During my four years at the school, almost everybody knew her as the smiling, personable character who welcomed students into the Skidmore dining hall. Until recently, that's where she worked. She was great to so many students. She'd come to our games, introduce us to her son Mikey, and always have a story for us when we arrived for breakfast, lunch or dinner. She was always our biggest fan and became good friends with a lot of us. A lot of people I know consider Joanne the spirit of Skidmore.

But her contract was terminated recently. According to her, the school claimed she bullied students. Everybody who knows her understands that's the exact opposite of the truth. Please join me as I fight to help Joanne get her job back. Skidmore wouldn't be the same without her. 

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