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It is time for Skidmore to actively address issues of race and implement effective diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus.

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The I, Too, Am Skidmore" campaign, inspired by campaigns at Harvard University, The University of Oxford, Cambridge University, Iowa, and NYU is dedicated to sharing the stories of people of color who have experienced micro-aggressions on college campuses due to the color of their skin. We invited students, staff, and faculty of color to write about their experiences as a person of color here at Skidmore College, micro-aggressions they have heard or personally encountered, and any other statements they wanted to make to the larger White Skidmore community on a whiteboard; and then take a picture with their statement. Our goal for this campaign was to empower the community of color here at Skidmore, and to provide more visibility for the community of color and the issues they face here on Skidmore's campus. We also focused on uniting our community of color and reassuring each other that we are not alone in our struggles, nor our frustrations.

As people of color our voices and experiences are all too often silenced. Our presence here is questioned. This campaign centers our voices and sheds light on our myriad experiences on Skidmore's predominantly white campus. We are here. Our voices matter. We, too, are Skidmore.

As members of the Skidmore community we believe it is time for Skidmore to begin seriously addressing issues of race on our campus. It is time for Skidmore to listen to the voices of its students and implement some significant changes in terms of the academic content available, services and resources available to students of color, and overall campus climate.

  1. We demand that Skidmore invest in an Ethnic Studies Department that focuses on the transnational experiences, cultures, histories of colonized and exploited groups around the world including, but not limited to African American, Caribbean American, Arab American, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian Pacific American courses. We demand that the courses in this department be taught by faculty of color.

  2. We demand that Skidmore establishes required courses for all students focusing on racial micro-aggressions, race, and ethnicity. Again, we demand that Skidmore hire faculty of color to teach these courses.

  3. We demand that Skidmore build a physical Multicultural Center here on campus that would offer services, support, and resources for students of color, including academic advising, study spaces, clubspaces, mentors and counselors of color.

  4. We demand that Skidmore hosts dialogues and workshops for all students, faculty, and staff focusing on micro-aggressions on Skidmore’s campus twice a semester.

  5. We demand that Skidmore create a First Year Seminar and Pre-Orientation group focused on race relations and diversity.

  6. We demand that the panel assembled to talk with prospective students of color during Discovery Tour more explicitly address campus climate and race relations.

  7. We demand that Skidmore publicly respond to our demands in the form of a press release and in the Skidmore Scope newsletter. We are holding you accountable.

To show Skidmore that we as a community want to see a change happen, please sign your name and class year.

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