Funding for Education: Our North Carolina Children, Our State's Future

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We recognize the grave responsibility that the North Carolina State General Assembly shares with families and communities to raise up our children, nurtured and educated equally. If we neglect our children's education, we undermine North Carolina's future. Education is not a partisan issue. We therefore continue to expect our legislature to

  1. Restore the pre-recession allocation rates to education that have shrunk due to tax cuts. NC ranks 43rd in per-pupil spending and has lost $600 million in 2017 alone due to corporate tax cuts. "Money matters for educational outcomes."
  2. Fund or find revenue streams for state mandates, such as class-size reduction. When state mandates are made without funding, school districts are faced with classroom space shortages and lay-offs of art, music, physical fitness teachers, and classroom support staff.
  3. Eliminate the transfer of tax dollars from public schools to voucher-supported schools that do not have to meet state standards. In addition, so-named "school choice" blurs the line between church (schools) and state, and is code for segregating children from the opportunities to grow together in diversity of culture and thinking.
  4. Attract and retain teachers by annually raising salaries at minimum to the national average by 2023 and by restoring the financial incentives of retirement health care and advanced degrees, both on the chopping block.
  5. Fully fund Pre-K for all children up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Pre-Kindergarten improves background knowledge and cognitive skills for children and increases students' chances for finishing high school. 

Sources: Public Schools First NC, NC Justice Center, NC General Assembly Staff,, Raleigh News and Observer, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities