Figure Skating Diversity and Inclusion Alliance - 6 CALLS TO CHANGE AND ACTION

Figure Skating Diversity and Inclusion Alliance - 6 CALLS TO CHANGE AND ACTION

July 16, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Figure Skating Diversity and Inclusion Alliance

The Figure Skating Diversity and Inclusion Alliance (FSDIA is a diverse coalition of Olympic, World-Team Athletes, Professional skaters and experienced coaches; reflecting a vast multi-national and multi-racial skating family. We were brought together by the current events highlighting anti-Black racism in society.  The mission of FSDIA is to foster a more diverse & inclusive figure skating environment worldwide through policy change, program development & funding for the next generation of athletes.

Throughout history, segregation and other racial injustices shaped our society, at times making it nearly impossible for people of color to occupy a space in the world of figure skating. Today racial bias, prejudice, and the wealth gap caused by systematic racism continue to manifest in our communities, alienating people of color from opportunities in all facets of life. The FSDIA recognizes how these factors contribute directly and indirectly to figure skating’s lack of representation and support of black and brown people within the sport.

Currently many National Sporting Organizations including Skate Canada, have decided to show their support and solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement and have pledged to combat racism, particularly anti-Black racism. Although well-intentioned the failure to acknowledge the already ongoing culture of racism and other types discrimination in our organization have made BIPOC and their allies question the genuineness behind these words. 

Following numerous meetings and conversations with members of FSDIA and with the help of experts in many fields such as policy and racial equity, we have come up with “6 Calls to Action and Change”.  We believe a focus on these six areas outlined in our calls to action will help Skate Canada and other National Sporting Organizations achieve its goals for anti-racism and equity within the organization. FSDIA would also like to be a continued working partner with Skate Canada in our shared endeavour for equity, diversity, and inclusion in figure skating.



We have sent FSDIA’s calls to action to Skate Canada, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and the Hon. Steve Guibeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Sport. We invite those within and outside the skating community to read, sign, share, and support our "6 Calls to Action and Change" and help our federation keep their promise of making our sport equitable, diverse, and inclusive. 

We hope to work with all figure skating organizations/governing bodies across the globe such as USFS, PSA, ISU, and ISI to implement these 6 calls to action from the top down for the next generation of skaters to be part of a more inclusive sport.

Please contact our email: to collaborate and push for change.


The Figure Skating Diversity and Inclusion Alliance.


Support now
Signatures: 1,558Next Goal: 2,500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Canadian Olympic Committee
  • Steven GuilbeaultMinister of Canadian Heritage and Sport
  • Skate Canada