Support SJSU students in the ability to pay off debts from high tuition and fees

Support SJSU students in the ability to pay off debts from high tuition and fees

April 1, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nam Do

The Problem:

  • The current reality of tuition and fees at SJSU is quite high for students.
  • Students are facing problems each month/semester when paying high tuition.
  • Many students find themselves unbalanced of studying because they have to work part-time more hours for the week to pay for their expenses.
    • The quality of learning will decrease, it will slowly down the process of getting a degree.That leads to a repayment period, the number of debts increases and the rate of getting jobs is lower
  • Many students feel pressure to face other sums such as books, supplies’ expenses at school while they are not working.
    • The process of knowledge acquisition is limited and access to information is poor.
  • According to “Cost to attend San Jose State University” books and supplies cost $2000; on campus, other budgets cost nearly $3000 for both in-state and out-state residents. Not to mention the cost of housing around $17,000 a year for students and extra funds for tuition, both in-state and out-state students. (2018-2019)
  • With the acceptance rate of grant or scholarship at 73% and pell grant at 40%, it might help students for studying time. However, many students are still struggling with a pay off university fees after graduation. (“ 
    • According to Student Loans and Debt estimated 4 years published tuition, many students are under pressure of $ 58,182.22 debt including a 4.5 % interest rate.
    • Even though the tenure is 10 years (“Cost to attend San Jose State University”), students still suffer from life after graduation and debt while studying. The pressure of life for them becomes unbalanced.

The Solution:

  • Minimize unnecessary on-campus fees for students.
    • Not all students participate in the school's payment service activities and improvements.
  • Professors can help students minimize books, resources, and supplies to cut down the student's expense.
    • Books can be provided as PDF files for easy access. Covert resources to an online version.
    • Professors and students can use the free resources and tools provided to students and teachers to serve the subject at the library as well as through the school staff.
    • Libraries and equipment departments need to be upgraded to meet students' needs for tools and knowledge books if required.
  • The school supports student part-time jobs and limited-time job creation to ensure the output quality and student experience.
  • Call for investment funds of any organization in the city to improve the acceptability of student loans, financial aid, or scholarship. With this method, it can be exchanged by cooperation between SJSU and organizations so that it can simultaneously meet the human resources needs of that organization.
    • Build policies and workshops to support students in finding jobs during their final year or after graduation to ensure income.



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Signatures: 10Next Goal: 25
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