Delay or start school in stages

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1. School should NOT start all classes immediately on 20/1.
2. It should be delayed depend on number of cases of Covid 19 in the area (mukim, daerah) OR
3. It should start in stages, eg. 1st week P6, 2nd week P6+P5...etc.

Reasons as below:
A) Today is 4/1/2021, reported 3/1/2021, Daerah Klang has total 4077 active cases with 256 cases added today. The whole Daerah Klang is Red zone.
B) Year 2021, school will start in 1 session only. With more than 2000+ students studying in 1 session for the FIRST TIME in modern history of SJK (C) Chung Hua, is the school ready and experienced in this under Covid 19?
C) P1 (standard 1) students will start together with the senior students. It is expected that P1 students will have more issues during the first few days or weeks to adapt and settling into the new school environment. Morever this year this is no orientation being done. Imagine the potential crying, tears, mucus that accompanies it. The droplets are highly contagious. Social distancing maybe a big failure here.

I'm sure the school authority and PIBG is trying their best to plan, but are they ready for the potential risk? This is not merely "inconvenience" experienced, but life is at stake.