Delay Harrogate Grammar School Year 13 Mocks

Delay Harrogate Grammar School Year 13 Mocks

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Sophie Hunt started this petition to Sixth form team

Reasons why Year 13 mocks should be delayed for 1 or 2 weeks:

- The anticipation and stress of recent announcements has been a huge distraction from revision, as we have only been given some sort of clarity a week before mocks are due to begin
- Increased stress from the fact that these mocks will play a significant part in our CAGs
- Students whose subjects have had sudden topic changes or are just becoming aware of what will/won’t be in their mock now have increased pressure and less time to revise these topics
- A lot of student’s whose parents are key workers have to be alone during their day, and have more responsibility and pressure to handle by themselves
- Other student’s have both parents at home, or significant family members at home, wifi networks may be too busy to function, and these students may lack a quiet area where they can sit through a 3 hour exam fully concentrating
- This week we haven’t been able to attend school, and thus have had limited support from teachers and a lack of revision sessions
- From all of this stress there is a collective strain on many student’s mental health, I know a lot of people losing sleep over worry from raised anxiety, the social isolation and constant revision at a desk is an incredibly repetitive process which causes students to lack motivation
- The pressure of handling decisions on our own with much uncertainty of the future, while knowing how important these mocks are but not knowing how they will be used for our CAG’s is immense 
- Many students had coursework in for last term which distracted them from starting earlier revision, the closing of school at the end of term and groups of students having to isolate mean a sum of students have been remote learning for weeks. There isn’t a level playing field of students who have had face-to-face teaching.

There are further concerns regarding the actual system of taking and regulating the mock exams. For example:

- Showbie crashing when you are on teams too, especially with a lot of people online
- When using the teams app on a call, when you close the app to open showbie your camera turns off
- Many people’s printers aren’t fast enough to print an entire exam paper and also allow us to be ready in 10 minutes
- Are we allowed to go to the bathroom during the exam?
- What do we do if we have internet problems and cannot connect to the call nor showbie?
- Do we position the camera on our faces and room or just the work on the desk, if its just the work on the desk then how can we position our ipad so we can also see showbie but not fall over too?
- What if our internet isn’t sufficient to run both apps at the same time for 3 hours?

Student have noted that other schools such as Rossett and South Craven have made the decision to delay mocks. We believe our mocks should be delayed for students to unwind from recent stressful events. This will allow students who have just been made aware of their topics to revise and more generally to allow time for a degree of familiarity with our new circumstances to become established. 

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