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Renovate Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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From the streets leading to the world-famous amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain, Viper looks like an intimidating, fun, exciting coaster. Many people even go as far as to run to Viper's line queue when the park first opens to be the first in line. Unfortunately, these people's hopes are soon crushed. Even from the first drop of the ride, you (more specifically, your head and ears) can tell the ride is more than 25 years old. The cars rattle and shake to the point of being too painful to even consider riding again. This is most likely the main reason you practically never see a long line at Viper. 

Even so, Viper once was, and can be again, one of the park's most popular rides. With some track modifications and improvements, along with upgrades to the trains and shoulder restraints, this ride could be restored to its former glory. Making the seats more comfortable would be first on this list, with sufficient back and side cushioning to tame even the wildest rides. Secondly, improvements to the track to reduce rattling could be done to make the ride smoother and more enjoyable. I find that it can be hard to enjoy the ride's many inversions if I am busy making sure my ears are still receiving blood flow.

I feel that these improvements could be a simple, cost-effective method for Six Flags Entertainment Corporation to attract much more people to the ride as well as balancing the lines for other popular rides. Why build a new coaster when people would also enjoy riding a restored Viper just the same?

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