Six Flags Over Texas: Rebuild the Chute Out on a vacant spot

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I heard the news and I thought it was ridiculous due to the following six reasons:

1. It was one of the rides that symbolized y'all in y'all's brochures, souvenirs, travel guides on the city or state, pictures in books about the state (both kid and adult), and even on illustrated maps of the city or Metroplex. Heck, y'all even had postcards of it.

2. It could've been the only one of its kind left in the country if not the world. There were a few parks that had one but they removed it (Great Gasp at S.F.O.G., Sky Jump at Knott's Berry Farm, and Sky Chuter at S.F.S.L.) so it would be nice to for y'all to be the one with the only ride of that type still in operation, as there are a few others with that fact, such as the Demon Drop at Dorney Park. We wouldn't want such a unique ride to become obsolete now, would we?

3. I bet it has been there for as long as people who either grew up in or lived a long time in Arlington (that's me). I bet the skyline looked weird without it to guests (as it could be seen practically anywhere throughout there) or to motorists as they drive by.

4. It was always decorated beautifully for Holiday In The Park. It would be a shame to not see that big Christmas tree anymore.

5. On the pages talking about this type in the book Amusement Park Machines, it's the one pictured. Therefore, that was one way of making it famous.

6. The letters on it identified y'all real well.

Please, you guys who agree with these reasons, get cracking and sign this. I also recommend to have y'all's spouses as well as family and friends who have e-mail to sign too.