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Please help us free Ajib from exploitation

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Her name is Ajib. She is a 12 year old Sumatran sun bear. Her baby is Marsha, 3 months old. Every day Ajib works to give hugs to tourists who visit the Bali Elephant Camp, Bali.

After this, Ajib is confined in a small cage, narrow and dark. Is this how Sumatran sun bears should live? Please help us free her from exploitation.

Allowing tourists to interact with these bears is inherently dangerous, this is a stressful situation for a bear to be placed within and this increases the risk that the bear will either bite or scratch a tourist during one of the sessions.Members of the public have little idea of how to safely handle wild animals or the dangers they expose themselves to by being in such close-proximity. In many cases, people have been killed or seriously injured due to these interactions.

Public-animal interactions also cause suffering to the animals involved. Whilst the animals may not appear to be suffering physically, video footage documents the adult bear being feed inappropriate foods whilst are likely to lead to digestive problems for this individual bear.

Placing these bears into such an unnatural situation is also likely to cause psychological stress for these animals, this is evident from the abnormal ‘paw sucking’ behaviour observed in the adult bear. This behaviour is likely to be a coping mechanism used when this individual is feeling stress.

We are strongly opposed to suchanimal interaction sessions, and the exploitation of animals on animal welfare grounds. In recent months, there has been mounting media coverage and exposés of the inadequate care and treatment of animals in Indonesian zoos and safari parks. The abusive and exploitative treatment of animals used as photo props at these facilities is of concern, given the techniques known to be used to control the animals, and given the significant risk this poses to public safety.

Globally we are seeing an ever-growing number of countries banning the use of wild animals in entertainment, with over 50 countries already having passed progressive laws. Indonesia’s on-going support of animal exploitation in the name of entertainment at tourism destinations is therefore in contravention to this trend where there is growing concern for the wholly unacceptable abusive techniques relied on for human-animal interactionsat such venues.

We appeal for you to join the international movement against the use and abuse of animals in public interaction sessions, and to take strong and immediate action to put an end to this exploitation that poses grave risks to animal welfare and public safety.

Please help us free Ajib from exploitation

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