Ban all wild animal attractions in Indonesia

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Wild animals are exploited in Indonesia, in performances involving bears, dolphins, orangutans, elephants and tigers. These poor animals look so hungry, but they know that the only way they are going to be fed today is if they obey the orders of their trainers.

They are forced to perform humiliating tricks to entertain visitors…these tricks have no meaning for them. They are often forced to perform through fear, starvation and pain.

As the audience laughs, these animals must be so this how we want to see our wildlife?

The use of wild animals in such ways contributes to the desensitisation of society to animal violence as viewers, including young children, are taught to regard animals simply as objects to be used and abused for entertainment. This is NOT education, as is often portrayed.

It also leads to a negative international image of Indonesia, with tourists returning to their home countries reporting cases of animal abuse rather than highlighting the natural beauty and the rich cultural experiences which Indonesia is so famous for.

There are still many zoos and safari parks which rely on cruelty to animals to attract visitors.

Please sign and share. Wild animal attractions in Indonesia must end.