Farnley Reservoir safety measures & cleaniness conditions

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Farnley Balancing Reservoir was built in 1973.

This location is of a main importance to the local area. 

I've being in constant contact with Yorkshire Water & Leeds City Council over the past Three years regarding the safety & condition of this reservoir. So far I've had no joy. 

This reservoir mainly attracts families and lone children with this site being located so close to Mcdonalds. 

Yorkshire Water claim that they will do nothing to make this reservoir safe for families to visit during to fast approaching summer. They keep assuring me that Leeds City Council own this site. No life saving equipment available. Yorkshire Water have assured me there installing some new warning signs but have failed to mention when these will be installed. 

Having had a meeting with Leeds City Council Park Department on the 13th July i raised my concerns about this reservoir once again. Hopefully my concerns sunk in. 

There is also another meeting sometime in the foreseeable future with the people mentioned below. A date for this will be updated. If anyone wishes to attend please let me know & raise your concerns.

If anyone knows of any incidents at this reservoir then please get in touch this will be discussed at the meeting. 

My main concern of this reservoir are.

* The height of the fall or jump

* The depth of the water - this changes and is unpredictable

* Submerged objects may not be visible

* Lack of safety equipment and increased difficulty for rescue

* Another hazard uneven paths ( tree roots)

Yorkshire Water have a strict policy of no Bathing in every reservoir. With this reservoir of concern they've provided a lack of warning sign. I've walked around the perimeter to only find one warning sign provided by Yorkshire Water. This to me is a neglect to public safety. Whereas Leeds City Council have recently installed 4 new warning signs.

Installing warning sign may be a good idea to persuade people not to enter open water. Yet this will have no effect if people trip,slip or even pushed into deep unsafe water.

People I've contacted about this are

Yorkshire Water, Leeds City Council, WestYorkshire Fire & Rescue Service & my local MP Rachael Reeves.

As mentioned above if anyone knows of any incidents at this reservoir that haven't being reported then please please get in touch enough is enough. Action needs to be taken from Yorkshire Water & Leeds City Council.

Public safety is PARAMOUNT 

PROTECT our children




I'm not asking for much. Just to secure this reservoir.

Further information provided from RLSS- ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY.

Around 85% of accidental drownings occur at open water sites. Many of theses drownings occur due to lack of knowledge and understanding of open water safety. 

Around 400 people needlessly drown in the UK every year 50 are known to be children & thousand more suffer Injury's some life changing.

One person dies every 20hours in the UK. Drowning is also the third highest cause of accidental death of children in the UK.


Summer Water Safety advice from WYFRS



This petition isn't just aimed around winter. This is aimed all year round.


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