Stop Mumbai’s greenbelt from turning into a garbage dump

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Stop Mumbai’s greenbelt from turning into a garbage dump

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Manish Sethi started this petition to Mr.Sitaram Kunte (BMC Commissioner) and

This is shameful! Aarey Milk Colony, part of the largest greenbelt in Mumbai is being turned into a garbage dumpEveryday, locals throw huge quantities of plastic waste, garbage, and construction material in this green patch.

I cycle in this beautiful area regularly. Over the past five years, I have seen a shocking change. Aarey colony, which was once an oasis amidst the urban jungle that is Mumbai, is slowly being converted into a filthy garbage dump.

Are we prepared to lose one of the last green patches left in Mumbai? Sign my petition and ask the BMC to stop this beautiful area from turning into a garbage dump.

The Municipal Corporation needs to put a proper waste management plan in place.

-->The BMC must put up boards that say throwing garbage in this area is a punishable offence.

-->The garbage collection trucks must come to the area every day.

-->The BMC must immediately remove all the ‘malba’ or construction waste in the Aarey forest area and impose heavy fines on defaulters.

-->Install Public toilets so that people do not defecate or urinate in public.

The garbage is getting accumulated in different pockets and is extremely dangerous to the health of residents in and around Aarey colony.  

The wildlife in the area, specially the leopards are also under threat.

This calls for an urgent, effective and eco-friendly solution to the problem of waste disposal.

Together we can force the BMC to take immediate action to save Mumbai’s lungs from destruction.

Sign my petition and share it with your friends.

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 14,185 supporters!