Please don't leave us!

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Sisters and Bothers of Scotland, please don't leave us! 

I understand why you're thinking of going... if I could vote to leave the arrogance of the Westminster elite behind, I'd be tempted  as well. But speaking on behalf of the people of Northern Ireland and Wales and England, we need your help! We need you if we're ever going to make the UK a fairer, more democratic place to live.

I've been infuriated by the negativity of the 'No' campaign. The scare tactics, the bullying, the threats, it's been disgusting. "I love you" really are the hardest three words to say. Well Scotland...


We've been through so much together, the laughter, the tears, but please don't turn your back on us now. 

Those politicians don't speak for me. They don't represent us anymore than they represent you... we're just all too disillusioned with politics to believe we can change it. But I'm genuinly scared, people of Scotland, that if you leave us, we will be stuck with them forever.

Forget all the campaigning, because it's not what we can do for you, that's rubbish. It's what you can do for us...

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