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Demand For Marywood To Implement Better Protocol and Communication During Safety Breaches

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In order to see a change, we must unite together and speak up to INITIATE change. Use your voice to speak up against the lack of safety, understanding, and concern that Marywood University showed our student body by failing to inform students of a potentially life threatening occurance.

On October 4th, there was a gunman on campus and the University neglected to inform students until the "situation had been resolved." Many of us learned of gunman after seeing police on campus armed with rifles and shotguns as well as students frantically running. During this time, no automatic messages or emails were sent alerting students to the gravity or potential deadliness of the situation.

Upon detaining the person of interest, students were sent directly back to class. The University assumed that the gunman was acting alone and thus chose not initiate a search of the rest of campus. President Sister Mary Persico stated, "There is currently no protocol in place to handle this type situation." We later learned what actually happened by word of mouth and through the local news rather than our campus administration and security.

Marywood defended their negligence by claiming that they couldn't inform the students because "they were responding to a threat with 'immediacy.'" However, within 5 minutes of the suspect being detained, the administration told students to return to class. Thankfully, the local police acted and removed the gunman, but Marywood failed to communicate and put the students' safety as it's number one priority.

You never think you will be affected by anything like this, but failure to properly plan and act can determine whether people live or die. (By writing this, I am not disregarding the selflessness, immediacy and protection that the local police exemplified. This petition has the purpose of speaking up with the hope that Marywood will change its policy and communication methods to ensure students feel safe and protected during a similar time.)

Yes, we are very lucky that nobody was hurt. This petition is to promote a campus wide change in protocol and communication measures when planning for events that can potentially be far worse than October 4th. 



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