Krishnamoorthy Swamy, Aradhagar is our Next Acharyan of Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam

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In continuation with our meeting on 15/8/2018, we have handed over our proposal of making Krishnamoorthy Swamy as our bhavishyath Acharyan to NEC Committee. After taking 10 days time,  They have outrightly rejected our proposal with very very lame excuses and weak reasons. This clearly shows that their mind is already made up and pity them that they have not  given  big reasons for rejection as there is none or taken any initiative or bring any proposal until today for next acharyan before criticising our efforts, our Swamy and our Saba. 

When WILL Executors cannot activate anything as per WILL, they still claim the title is questionable.

Let us stand together and fight till end for achieving our goal in dharma path!

Krishnamoorthy Swamy, Aradhagar in our Srirangam Srimath Andavan Aashramam for more than 20 years, had kalashebam under Thembarai Andavan and having worked under Thembarai Andavan, Thirukudandhai Andavan, Mysore Andavan and Srimushnam Andavan is the only choice to be our 12th pontiff of our Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam!

Lowkikas performing material service should not comment on capability or vidwat of proven vaideekas. it is especially sad to see such people trying to choose the next acharyan with some so called 'criterion'. this is not a bank CEO selection which could be done based on a few administrators votes. we are speaking about the acharyan of one of the most noble ascetic orders in the world - this call should not be taken by ordinary materialistic people no matter whether they are inside NEC or outside... Srikaryam swami is the lighthouse for such choices and vidwans rallying behind srikaryam swami are best placed to identify the best candidate - and they have done so already. i hope ALL of the andavan ashramam sishyas around the world wake up to the delaying game being played here and throw in their weight behind a pure hearted vidwath shiromani who has kindly assented to save all of us by accepting the monastic order in our hour of need!

Sriranganatha Divyamani Padhukabyam Nama: