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Return The Power station 128 to its original name and political format.

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"The Power" radio program on channel 128 of SiriusXM is the only political and current issue new station for African Americans that addressed our needs. Programs such as The Warren Ballentine Show, Rob Redding News Review, G.W. on the Hill along with Joe Madison and Al Sharpton were just a few shows that listeners could tune in to daily.

Now SiriusXM plans to change the name to Urban View. Black folk know that the word "urban" is a code word for those less desirable in this society. I only subscribed to SiriusXM because of this station and now they are doing everything to undermine the integrity of this station.

The first step was to change the format during drive time to sports shortly after the President won his second term. The next step has been canceling political programming for watered down non political formats. Al Sharpton's show hours has been cut down and Joe Madison's show has been moved such that I am not able to hear him anymore. I would just like to ask those that have concerns to sign this petition which will be sent to SiriusXM President and CCO Scott Greenstein.

To Boycott is defined as to abstain from or act together in abstaining from using buying or dealing with as an expression of protest or disfavor.  I would like to encourage all to take a stand for something that you believe in or boycott if neccessary in support for those that have provide a needed service in our community as a whole. Together we can make a difference one signature one voice.

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