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SiriusXM/Busted Open: KEEP LARRY DALLAS #WeWantDallas

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‪#BustedOpenNation we need to unite the same way we did when over 300 of you signed my Live For Five petition last year. Once again we need to band together to get our voices heard. As many of you know Larry Dallas was recently fired from the show. This is an outrage and we need to stand up and voice our displeasure so they can correct their mistake. Please sign this petition but don’t stop there, You can contact SiriusXM through ‬ or call them at 1-866-635-2349 or even message them on social media through ‪Twitter or Facebook and let them know you want Larry Dallas back! Demand they reconsider the change, Let them know you are upset, disgusted and dissatisfied with the change and that you subscribe to their service for Busted Open and you will unsubscribe if they don’t re-hire him. All the respect in the world to Bully but Larry Dallas was 10x the broadcaster that Bully is and we need to protect the show that WE the Busted Open Nation are the driving force behind. We love the show and we won’t let it die without a fight! Every listener knows that Larry brought something very special to the show and he simply can not be replaced or left behind. Larry brought so much humor  to the show and he had a chemistry with Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortman like no other. He pumped life into even the dryest of news days. Busted Open has a very special connection to us the audience and we cannot lose Larry Dallas. We want our Busted Open and not 5 days of “Bully Radio”. Bully is a wrestling legend but he is nowhere near Larry Dallas when it comes to “good radio” and SiriusXM listens closely to its customers we just need to speak up and be heard. WE are the Busted Open Nation. #WeWantDallas‬

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