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Bring back SIRIUS XM POPS! Channel 75.

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Update 12/23/2014 - Still not giving up. I'd like to get more signatures before I run off copies and have them mailed to SiriusXM. Please continue to promote this petition daily on Facebook and Twitter. I also updated with a link of a Facebook group started my another POPS lover. Please join so we can coordinate our efforts!Thanks! - RF


On July 17th 2014, Sirius XM, a satellite radio provider terminated SIRIUS XM POPS. POPS was a classical music station found on Channel 75. The channel had been available to satellite radio subscribers since 2001 on XM prior to the merger with Sirius.

To many, the decision came as a surprise. Sirius XM had only given subscribers approximately 7 days’ notice on the decision to remove POPS. Immediately following the removal, many comments from upset consumers were left on Sirius XM's social media accounts.

In the many canned responses sent by Sirius XM, they advised subscribers that POPS is still available as it has been merged with SYMPHONY HALL Channel 76. However, loyal POPS listeners realize the programming difference between the two stations.

While SYMPHONY HALL also has classical music programming, the channel typically focuses on longer classical compositions. POPS focused on shorter pieces and played music from all musical periods from both string and wind ensembles.

Sirius XM asserts subscribers can still listen to POPS online on Channel 790. Consumers must subscribe to their “All Access” package in order to listen all the online content including POPS. This limits enjoying the station to computer, tablet and smartphone users.

In doing so, Sirius XM forces many subscribers to upgrade to a more expensive package in order to listen to POPS. In order to listen in places such as a vehicle, mobile listeners must use expensive cellular bandwidth to play the station on their smartphones, defeating the purpose of SATALLITE RADIO.

Sirius XM claims they make their programming decisions to cater to their ever-changing, diverse audiences. It’s hard to describe how diverse this particular station is to non-classical listeners. SIRIUS XM POPS ran a promo that compared the music to a roller coaster ride. Well, we want on again.   

Why is this so important? Well, classical music is simply a respected fine art that should be protected at all costs. Classical music entertains, taps emotions and stirs your imagination often without ever saying a single word. Many consumers have no access to classical music through the airwaves and POPS was the gateway to all classical. Why deny consumers fine music?


FIRST, sign this petition to show your support for Sirius XM POPS. SHARE THE LINK on your own social media accounts and on Sirius XM's social media accounts as often as you can and reply to others' comments. The only way we can get more signatures is to let classical music lovers know this petition is here. So please SHARE!

SECOND, you’re encouraged to contact Sirius XM; call them, write them, E-mail them, or flood their social media accounts as described above. The digital age has amplified the voice of consumers and many businesses have reversed unpopular decisions based on overwhelming consumer feedback. We have a voice.

THIRD, many customers have vowed to end their subscriptions immediately or let them expire. Whether you decide to vote with your voice, signature, your dollar, or all of the above… please do something!

Sirius XM, our request is self-explanatory, we want POPS back!

-          Classical music lovers




Call Sirius XM:


Monday – Saturday: 8am – 11pm EST, Sunday: 8am – 8pm EST


Write Sirius XM:

1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020


E-mail Sirius XM:



Bring back POPS Facebook group: (not moderated my yours truly)

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*Make sure to share this petition link with others talking about POPS on their tweets, the more exposure the more signatures we'll have!



If you decide to cancel your subscriptions until POPS is restored, here are other FREE providers of internet classical music that will suffice in place of the Sirius XM internet radio package they're forcing you to upgrade to... please monitor your data usage on your smartphone plan.

- Pandora - smartphone and web app where you can customize your playlist by composers, time periods, etc. Completely free aside from data usage.

- iHeartRadio, smartphone and web app where you can listen to local classical radio stations streamed on the net. Completely free aside from data usage.

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