Lower Jamaica's Custom duties and Fees

Lower Jamaica's Custom duties and Fees

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Started by Mr Chamberlain

The current customs and shipping charges of Jamaica can be considered criminal and serves no greater purpose than to keep the local economy stagnated.  

For the average Jamaican, customs is a nightmare. Paying 51% of the cost of an item, including shipping on duties demonstrates that there is no consideration for citizens.  As stated in their Twitter post updated on January 7th 2022 in response to the question of, "Would custom still charge for an iphone 13 pro max if I'm sending it as a gift to my mom?"

Jamaica Custom responded with;

"Yes, duty applies. The duty would be 51% of the cost and shipping. In addition to the customs administrative fee of $2875."

The post came under heavy public criticism and backlash which resulted in it being deleted by Jamaica Custom. 

Small business are stifled as the cost for materials are absurdly expensive. Every day Jamaicans suffer due to the loss of productivity and innovation.  How can we innovate when the materials we need are being held at ransom?

We will no longer be accepting unreasonable custom duties and fees. We want the minimum threshold to increase from $50 USD to a minimum of $100 USD for duty free items. Our dollar has devalued too much for the current duty to be relevant.  We want the 51% to be lowered as well. 

We won't just talk! We will petition for change! We want lawmakers and business to join the movement. Let's pool resources and collectively fight for change.

Tweet or post with the hashtag about your experience with Jamaica Customs #ChangeCustomsJA

1,150 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!