Recall MP's to Parliament in the wake of Corona + Brexit "Britastrophe"

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In view of the unprecedented nature of the Corona + Brexit Catastrophe, we ask that our MP's return to Parliament across the summer recess.

It is an act of gross irresponsibility to take 10 weeks leave in such circumstances and this allows Government by diktat from the office of Dominic Cummings and the Kremlin.

It has recently been reported that no progress has been made on Brexit in negotiations.  This is the single most important long term issue facing the country.

Confusion abounds re Corona - this is the single most important short - medium term issue facing the country.

A combined effect of 11% GDP loss from Corona and 9% from Brexit adds up to a "Britastrophe".  It only took 3.5% GDP loss to give us the 2008 crash.

MP's get paid well and should do their job.  The nurses did not have holidays during the Corona crisis.  This should apply to our political leaders as well.