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Stop MPs & Lords Getting free meals at the tax payers cost,

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Sent 18th June 2013

Dear Sir Ian Kennedy
I would like to request some of your busy time,

For the past two months i have been campaigning to request we the public ask you and your board to re address the expenses for Lords and MPs.

Over the years of the abuse of expenses, from one MP to another. area's that need to be address

1) If the MP claims for one home (2nd home) All other homes are Exempt from any claims as the government has paid to address the issue once, should they wish to buy another house they do so at their own cost not the Governments/Tax payer's cost, unless there is special circumstances where they have security issues then the 2nd home must be sold and all funds placed to the payment of new home, NO MORE 3rd 4th & 5th homes any more..

2) All repairs for the said Dwelling must be done the same way as a "Self certification tax returns" as Detailed "" &"".
this will give them the same rights as any other UK Tax payer and not be open to exploit as with current events of £100.00 Loo roll holders, Councils work to 7&8 edition of housing repairs and the same value should be amended to MP's & Lords. Via the same system as detailed above

3) All MP's & Lords with Assets/Income grater than £35,000.00 must buy all their own lunches at all times, Where Business meetings are required (other than state dinners) maximum budget of £25.00 per head at the meeting (alcohol should not be permitted Alcohol awareness responsible conduct).
Again all expenses should be presented via the "" &"", Cutting costs and overheads in your department.

All MP's & Lords, Must be audited via the inland revenue and all public expenses.
Should they attend any social banquet or government event, they should not be able to charge overtime or extra hours, as they are salaried wage,

For there office staff Cost must me justified to a set budget per annum, based on region size the candidate manages
and how busy their office is dealing with tax payers, who need help and matters resolved, (Same way a doctors surgery is run per customer seen)

There has to be Cutbacks to address the issues encountered to help the economics we are faced with, I would be very Grateful for a responce
Kind Regards
Gavin Wyatt

PS Should i not hear in 7 days to confirm you have received this i will send again.. 


Childrens Act 

"• Benefits:  The Government must make sure that you and your parents or carers can get financial help when you need it (article 26).
• Standard of living:  You have the right to a standard of living that is necessary for your physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.  It is your parents’ responsibility to make sure you have these needs met, but the Government must help your parents by giving them support if they can’t afford to do this (article 27)."


"PLEASE Tell your friends /Family , to not just like, Sign it and email it to all to sign please we just hit 500 signed we need 1000s to make this work... 660,000.00 families with 2+ children will go hungry YOU DO the MATHS"

Here is food for Thought…


Believe it or not in order to cut unnecessary spending it is proposed that free meals for schoolchildren of low income families will be axed in the forthcoming cuts. What have these children done to deserve these cuts, nothing other than the class they were born into? Yet the Government intends to punish them by taking away what is for some the only meal or only hot dinner they have each day.

Last year the Lords and your MPs spent £1.5 billion on their own free dinners which are funded by you – the tax payer, (otherwise known as Free Meals for the Rich!) So you may not be in a position to pay for your own child to have a hot meal each day, but fear not because you will be safe in the knowledge you are paying for a Lord or an MP to enjoy a luxurious lunch.
I dare you all to ask your MPs and Lords to cease their expense claims for free meals and for them all to insist that the annual “MPs and Lords dinner money budget in the UK” is handed over to feed these needy school children instead. It is not as if the Lords and MPs cannot afford to purchase their own lunch, is it?

Picture in your mind the child sat in a classroom, confused and unable to concentrate properly simply because the lunch that child used to rely on is no longer available. Contrast that with the Lords and MPs sat at a table in a five star hotel or restaurant, spending on average £100 per person per sitting. In the right hands, that £100 can feed 40 hungry children in our schools instead. Question, do you feed one adult or 40 children for the same sum of money?

Feed one adult or feed 40 children … please support us – Vote “Feed the Children” – they have committed no crime, please not let’s not make them pay

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