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Psychiatric Assistance Dogs

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   Lately I've been going through further bouts of depression. I am on medication but it doesn't stop the crippling outbursts of anxiety, loneliness and despair. There are a couple of dogs in my family and I love them wholeheartedly. Playing with them and hugging them gives me so much joy.

  My granddad has a guide dog to assist him as he is partially sighted and even if they don't venture out every day, Carlo always makes my grandparents and my extended family happy with his presence. Despite there being these animal support networks available for physical impairments, there seems to be a vast lack of similar support to help those with mental difficulties such as Depression or Anxiety. The mental and physical health benefits of having a dog are inexhaustible and the outcomes are amazing considering the symbiotic relationship between the mind and body. 

  At the University of Warwick where I am a student there are the occasional visits from therapy dogs which are very popular. This is is a start but it's not the permanent presence and companionship of a dog which could so vastly augment the lives of many UK citizens. 

  I am positive that an initiative like this could reap astounding results in the improvement of mental health treatment, moving away from the reliance on medication to embracing a natural and holistic treatment which is more effective in the long term.  

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