Sir Ed Day - a new public holiday for NZ

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Please sign our petition to have a Sir Ed holiday on July 20th every year. New Zealand is definitely in need of an extra public holiday, if only to save our sanity during a long, bleak winter. There's a massive gap between early June (Queen's Birthday weekend) and late October (Labour weekend). I'm proposing to have the new public holiday on July 20th to commemorate one of our biggest achievers Sir Edmund Hillary (who was born 20 July 1919). We can kick it off in 2019 - 100 years since his birth. A "Sir Ed Day" to cherish mid winter health, stay active, keep on top of a busy mind and appreciate some down time. Give Kiwis a break from work and commitments etc mid-winter. As Sir Ed was such an amazing adventurer, challenge New Zealanders to get their walking boots or tramping gear out and go and explore the country. Great for mental health, gratitude of what we have here in NZ, to just chill out and kick the dreary winter blues away.