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Amend the Student Dress Code Policy at Iqra University

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On behalf of the students of Iqra University (North  Campus)

The students of Iqra University have wardrobes consisting of a variety of clothing ranging from t-shirts to shalwar kameez and to some extent formal attire which as of the last seven years was worn on Mondays and Tuesdays,the intention of which was to induce the understanding of Formal Dressing to the students and to help them adapt to the corporate dress code. The policy had been successful in shaping the personality of the students of the university as to make them more presentable.

Now a new student dress code policy has been introduced which is pressurizing the students into wearing formal attire for the entire week excluding weekends which is uncomfortable for them considering they are not at their workplace but at an  institute of education where every student should be comfortable in his or her choice of clothing provided that it adheres to cultural norms.

It is requested that the following amendment be made to the policy.

1. Formal or Business attire not be made mandatory on Wednesday through Sunday

If the current policy persists we the students will experience a downfall of morale moreover a continuing sense of disappointment from the university that we love so dearly where the policies have always been made in favor of both the staff and the students. Students should feel free to express themselves through their choice of clothing (respecting political, religious and cultural norms) and to not feel imprisoned by their institution.

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