A request to change to the law regarding the use of Personal watercraft (Jetskis)

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Anyone can go out and buy themselves one of the fastest things that goes on the water, a jet ski a personal watercraft.

No training no licence no insurance no form of registration number are required on this type of craft, simply take it to the water and off you go.
Many of these crafts can go over 80 miles an hour.


They can be driven in very shallow water very close to the shore as indicated in the video.

If you were able to go out and buy a motorcycle capable of very high speeds you need to pass a test, as a learner the size of the bike is restricted until you pass your test. None of that applies to jet skis.

I have been to the government website I have searched and searched looking for regulations, laws that apply to this type of craft, nothing, you will see nothing so I don't even know if there is an age limit but certainly anybody who is confident enough, anyone who can get on one start it and go, no training.

These craft are extremely dangerous and in the small town of Brightlingsea we have seen so many near misses, there is huge diversity of water sports here. On one occasion there was a group of people swimming, seconds later one of these crafts came by at 40, 50, may be even 60 miles an hour, fortunately no one was hurt, the rider didn't appear to know they were there. We could not identify the rider or the craft.   As more and more people sign the petition it is coming very clear that there is a MAJOR issue for swimmer having very frightening near misses with high speed Jetskis, even inside designated swimming zones.

Another issue raised  is the fact that these riders could have been drinking, which doesn't bear thinking about, it's too scary for words!

I am calling for a change in the law. This type of craft must be regulated they are getting more and more popular, as I said they are one of the fastest vehicles you can get to go on the water, how on earth can they be unregulated, how can these craft not have any form of identification, or not have to be insured, and the riders could complete novices?

During a two hour period on August 28th (Bank Holiday) there were 15 Jet skis all in the 4 and 8 knot restriction zones, every single one was traveling well in excess of the speed limits.
This simply has to change, it cannot carry on like this.
The riders must be been qualified and have a passed rigorous test.
The craft must be registered with a registration mark clearly visible.
The craft must be insured.
Thank you.