Charge Ian Duncan Smith & others complicit for the charges of Misconduct & Slavery

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Charge Ian Duncan Smith & others complicit for the charges of Misconduct & Slavery

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Disabled UK started this petition to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Metropolitan Police Commissioner

We the people call for charges of  MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE & SLAVERY against Ian Duncan Smith secretary of the Department for Working Pensions and any other Public officers who were complicit with the actions of the above named  for Wilful neglect or misconduct & Failure to act Without reasonable excuse or justification for the deaths that have been linked to the cruel attack on the disabled including the more recent death of Mr O’Sullivan which a coroner has linked to a disabled man being driven to suicide after being found fit to work.

The system has not been looked at and reviewed but rather the opposite has happened and more cruel cuts and targets have cost people their lives and will continue to cost many more lives unless drastic action is taken.

the current actions of the DWP and other public officers who have allowed this gross injustice to take place, including tax credit cuts, JSA Sanctions, The failure of the Job center to actively help people get back into work, new rules to PIP, ESA and the contracted businesses that carry out the medical assessment failing to do their job to a satisfactory standard which in turn is costing the tax payer more money, which many of us have evidence of is a major abuse of the public's trust.

As for the charges of slavery many JSA and ESA WORK GROUP are forced to work for a company that works with the government on the workfare program where people work for their benefits not getting payed anything bar their benefit, this allows companies to exploit free work supplied by the government and in turn they can also fire staff to gain more free staff.

There is no option for the Benefit claimant to either do the work or not it is a mandatory part of getting your benefit and those who don’t go on it are told that it will effect their benefit by means of sanctions and during these sanctions where they are receiving no money or a small  hardship payment still have to go to work for these companies this equates to the legal definition of Slavery set out by the CPS:

Section 71 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 ("the 2009 Act") creates an offence of holding another person in slavery or servitude or requiring them to perform forced or compulsory labour. The offence came into force on 6 April 2010.

We also call for a public enquire where members of the public can submit evidence to back these charges up

Please also take into account the slavery charges in within the misconduct in public office if applicable

CPS Rules for the charge of Misconduct in public office:
For full info:

CPS Rules for the charge of slavery:

some evidence….

Coroner finds fit for work decision to be cause of death & Figures received before for the finding that shows 90 deaths per month related to the assessments :

Failure to release critical figures just before election time of deaths related to the fit to work assessment.

In 2012/13 there was a discussion in parliament which brought up the subject of related deaths to the new polices enforced- Video from parliament TV :

The public enquire would provide you with a lot more evidence.

We hope that you will take note of this petition and take the relevant legal action.



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This petition had 260 supporters

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