Last Words 3-Year-Old Syrian Boy Said, Dying; "I´M GOING TELL GOD EVERYTHING!"

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All facts are known,


all words are spoken,


all pictures burn in our heart,


and the sound of these words from the lips of a dying,


little Syrian boy, even if his name stayed unknown,


his words will sound in our hearts, do not want to leave us:   END SUFFERING AND DYING CHILDREN IN SYRIA




Such small hands

Such small hands
with tiny fingers there.
One may never hit them
and then break them.


Such small feet
with such tiny toes.
One may never step on them
otherwise they can't walk.


Such small ears
poignant, and unprohibited.
One may never scream
to make it numb.


Such beautiful mouths
speaking everything.
One may never gag (ban) it
or else nothing comes out.


Such clear eyes
that still see everything.
One may never bind them
to prevent understanding.


Such tiny souls
open and totally free.
One must never torment
and thereby break them.


Such a tiny backbone
almost not yet noticeable.
One must never bend
for otherwise it collapses.


Forthright people
would be a nice goal.
People with no backbone
we already have too many.


Bettina Wegener  


Annamaria Grabowski