A deadline extension for first years studying at the University of Leeds.

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Dear Sir Alan Langlands,

I, Harry Groves, am a First Year History BA student at the University of Leeds. Fellow history students and I, feel that recent strikes have been detrimental to our success and development. We are seeking a one week extension on our current essay deadline.

As you will be aware recent strike action has led to the cancellation of OUR seminars, tutorials and lectures. Consequently, our money been wasted on services that are no longer being provided. This is not our main concern. What we are most concerned about is the negative effect this may have on our essays which are due next week.

To our knowledge, Second and Third Years have received extensions on their deadlines. I understand that their grades are of paramount importance given that they are working towards their degrees, however what about the First Year Students? Yes, our results are not contributing towards our degree and can be seen as a year that 'doesn't count' but what kind of ethos is that? Personally, I feel that this is gravely unfair, not just because of the money, but more importantly because some students who require 2:1's in order to study abroad may miss this grade because of these strikes.

Please note that we are not calling for an end to these strikes. History students from the School of History simply call for a one week extension for our assessed essays that are due at noon on the Monday of week 8. 

Please heed this call because everyone who signs this petition feels that:

a) It is unfair that their grade's could be negatively impacted upon by factors that are beyond their control.

b) Their money is not being used on the services that are expected.

I am sure you will co-operate with us students and would greatly appreciate a reply within the very near future.