Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune not paying 6 yr pending salaries of 12000 employees

Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune not paying 6 yr pending salaries of 12000 employees

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Query put up on AICTE Grievances portal 


Dear Sir / Madam,

Sinhgad College of Engineering(SCOE) Not paying 25,00,000+ ( 25+ Lakh) pending salary for period Nov 2016 to Aug 2021 , I repeatedly said this to SCOE principal and management but it is in vain. I with hope asking AICTE to resolve this issue on priority otherwise a person who is Ph.D. in Electronics and Telecommunication (filed 12 patents , 5 FER submitted , 45 + technical publication, Reviewer for Journal of The IET Image Processing , The Electronics Letters ) will unable to live life and west complete talent who created 9 different subjects for Pune University and trained faculties and students of Pune university of Electronics and Telecommunication / Computer and IT over 18+ years. Kindly look into the matter and resolve this issue on urgent basis ASAP


One more time Query put up on AICTE Grievances portal 

The committee is framed with management people of Sinhgad College of Engineering so they at all not responding , even in Maharashtra Pune University and DTE did not looking this matter seriously. From year 2016 many people tried but all its in vain. I hope plz see attached pdf in which I write many times to state bodies and no one respond to resolve it. I find same is repeating from AICTE now. So, there is no hope to get me justice. Plz see list of members of Sinhgad College of Engineering with following link and also same pdf email log. Hope you will take this in account and put up this case to resolve by power of AICTE. Magic thing is rules are there but they are not at all considered , like 12 months FD to do salaries but Sinhgad College of Engineering doing just partial (approx 40%) payment 4 or 5 salaries,. All NEWS papers and TV media highlighted this issue but it yet not resolved.

I write to AICTE and they simply said resolved and pointed to fight University / College ) but it is all in vain. 

(Reply of AICTE : 

Sir/Madam In this regard, it is to inform you that AICTE has framed Regulations namely All India Council for Technical Education (Redressal of Grievance of Faculty/Staff Member) Regulations 2021 which is notified in the Gazette of India on 25.03.2021. The same is also available on AICTE website i.e. As per these Regulations, it is mandatory for all technical institution to address the grievance of faculty/staff members including service matters at the institution level itself. A Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) for faculty/staff members shall be constituted by each institution to look into the grievance of the faculty/staff members. In case faculty/staff is not satisfied with the decision of Grievance Redressal Committee, they may appeal to the concerned affiliating University/ State DTE (in case of diploma institutions) for redressal of their grievances. In view of the above you are requested to approach to concerned authority/insstt.)

Appeal to all Citizens of India who think that education makes life of themself and their family behalf of good teacher.  So to protect teachers right.

This is force me to change my job and state location ; which did not suit to myself and my family as they face health issues frequently. The mentally and physically all we are facing critical issues and it  affect our whole lifestyle. Our own earned money is not credited to our account rather SCOE management is creating many assets in India and outside India.

It is really painful to manage family in city like Pune we want this issue is not only for SCOE Pune , almost 90% Indian Private Engineering colleges have some or other issue of salaries. 

Academician are behind making & crafting real engineering minds , BUT professor community itself, if in mental agony then what kind of great new engineers will be yield in India. 

Clap sounds behalf of both hands here Court / AICTE / University / College Management all are ignoring such issues as most of Private colleges are owned by politicians of India. 

Need major changes by centralized admission and crediting all collected fees of admitted students to DTE / AICTE and they should credit salaries of professors directly and other than amount for infrastructure development and salaries of management members.

So, We need drastic change which will recreate Nalanda kind of universities and Professors across India to make India as No.1 in Education sector at Global level. 

277 have signed. Let’s get to 500!