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Optus, It's 2016 – Give Us Visual Voicemail!

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For many years – 8 and 10 months to be exact, we've had visual voicemail.

That is, Apple, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and possibly your old Nokia have had visual voicemail.

But you, and millions of other Australians haven't – Why? Because if you're a subscriber to the ironically titled, 'Yes' corporation, Optus, you're still being served 1980s technology.

Visual voicemail is a feature which Apple lists as Optus available (it's not) that was released in the prehistoric era of technology, 2007.

Evidence of Keynote

Amazingly, back in those days, good ol' Steve Jobs delivered a keynote that forever changed the landscape of cellular technology so that we'd no longer have to dial a number to talk to telecommunications robots! Beautiful, scrolling glory. Message after message, play buttons, pause buttons; delete buttons!

When Optus gives us visual voicemail, we can finally say "Hello" to 9 years of catch-up on the U.S. and join the majority of the modern world with scrolling lists of voicemail messages! 

Evidence of amazing technology

Wow! What RADICAL improvement over traditional voicemail — currently, you touch voicemail on an Optus iPhone and rings up a number (at your cost), so that you can listen to a robot. We've asked, too, and we've been given Josh Thomas ad campaigns, SurePage (an expensive call centre transcription service), Voice to Text and their Missed Call Service. All awful.

So if you don't want to talk to strange call centres, robots, or receive bad text transcriptions, sign this petition and send it to 10 friends.

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