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Single-use plastic bags in Wisconsin: 15 cent fee or a 5 cent credit per personal bag

            Currently, there is no state law dealing with plastic bags - this needs to change.

10 billion bags are estimated to be used every year by Americans, Wisconsin DNR states that "plastic bags that have been in contact with food, such as cling wrap and frozen food warp are not recyclable" and chances of a bag not meeting these standards getting recycled is slim.

These non-recycled bags slowly make their way to various places such as a landfill or the ocean where it will take years to biodegrade or be mistakenly eaten. Instead of continuously adding to this problem, one may choose to reuse, instead of hoping to recycle any bag of any material.

I understand that some business would be unable to have a credit towards a used bag or a fee for their own bag may lose business, this is why I propose the ability for each business to choose which they prefer.

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