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Harojit Singh, Private Detective,Sports Shooter
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To the Secretary /Director


Honorable Sir,
With due respect and humble submission I/We do here by requesting before your good self as stated bellow.
You as well as the Government know the best so I/We don’t want to elaborate and don’t want to waste your most valuable time. I/We produced here under the best and most valuable suggestions/views for the betterment of the public interest so that everything should be under control and the Government may earn more revenue.

Arms Act Section-3
Suggested Amendment :
1.Club level,State lavel shooters and students (Not bellow the age of 22yrs.)must be considered for possessing or carry up to five weapons ,2.the Arms Dealers are allowed to possessing or carry up to three weapons and 3.any common people have to possessing or carry up to two weapons ( according to his/her threat perception reported by the Police Authority) but justification to have the additional weapons permission shall be on the basis of recombination by the Police authority and recognized rifle club or recognized organization like NRAI or State Rifle Association or affiliated Rifle Club. The such type of communication directly sent to the concern SHO,Inspector-in-Charge,Officer-in-Charge of Police Station by the licensing authority and should mention a fixed time to produce the report.
Account of ammunitions : A book for counting and utilizations of ammunitions issued by the Licensing Authority and every Licence Holder should maintain the book and must mention purchase details of ammunitions ,firing place- firing details ,stock and empty case of ammunitions details .The Book must be certified by the recognized rifle club/ licensed firing range authority and also should be counter signed by the Licensing Authority or empowered magistrate or empowered officer in every months by his satisfactions ,a fees for that should be deposited by the license holder. In case of violation of any of the above the penal action would be taken.

Arms Act Section-13 Suggested Amendment :

Specific Criteria to have a Arms License : Ethics and specific words should be mentioned in the Act so that its to be clear that ,”Who are the entitled to have a Arms License”. As desire by the Honorable MHA.

Justification regarding Arms Act Section-3
:1.The Government has clear knowledge regarding every category of shooters and several events , without multiple weapons no shooter can take part in the practice field/range. Every weapons has jamming problem ,it can be failed at any time and without practice they cannot join in the National/Inter National Championship competition .No rifle clubs in India has capacity to hold sufficient and modern weapons, on the other hand every shooters has right of private defense also.
2.Arms Dealers and their shops should be protected and for this they must have multiple weapons ,any types of attack may come to them .One weapon is not sufficient for them, because same jamming or failure problems which most basic problems of every civil weapons.
3.Commen People those have serious threat perception will face same problem of jamming or failure problems which most basic problems of every civil weapons, so one weapon is not sufficient for them also.
Justification regarding Account of ammunitions :
There is/are no such provision within the Arms Act and the proposed amendment .I/We think you must agree with me/us regarding this paragraph of suggestion and if so –every license holder always under the direct control of the Government and it’s sure that there will be no chance of misuse of Ammunitions.

Justification regarding Specific Criteria to have a Arms License :
There is/are no such provision within the Arms Act and the proposed amendment so for this accepting or rejecting of Arms License totally depends upon the Licensing Authority and they will always do as they deemed-fit , a large numbers of Licensing Authorities has self Arms License which are issued by him/her self. It must be changed or amended to stop misusing of power.
You are most fervently requested to consider the above most impartial suggestions and give the opportunity to alive us.