Pledge your #SGgratitudepack for our Migrant Workers!

Pledge your #SGgratitudepack for our Migrant Workers!

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A Good Space SG started this petition to singaporeans

The SG Gratitude Pack Initiative: Pledge your #SGgratitudepack for our Migrant Workers!

The Back Story

National Day 2020 is like no other. Singapore is going through the worst crisis of our generation. This year, we cannot come together in large parades as we did in the past. Instead, we celebrate our nation’s independence in our homes with only our closest friends and family.

However, rather than keeping us apart, Covid-19 has brought us closer together. We have witnessed countless acts of compassion that fellow Singaporeans have taken in aid of those less fortunate. As a result, Singaporeans are now more aware of the key social issues that we face as a nation; and top of that list is the plight of our migrant workers.

As we celebrate National Day, we hope to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the sacrifices that our Migrant Worker community has made in building our beloved city. These are the construction workers, cleaners and domestic helpers who have been faithfully building our homes, clearing our rubbish and taking care of our elderly and our young- for extremely low pay over many years.

To make matters worse, those in the dormitories have been hard hit by Covid-19. They have been under extreme stress, worrying about their health and their ability to support families back home. Yet, many have chosen to sacrifice their rest days so that our essential needs can continue to be met. While migrant workers have been here for decades, their contribution to building Singapore and their plight have been largely overlooked by our society. By expressing gratitude to our migrant workers for their part in building Singapore, we hope to right a wrong of a generation.

Our Request

Step 1: Sign This Petition

If you support this initiative and would like to pledge to donate your #SGgratitudepack to our migrant brothers and sisters, please click on “sign this petition” !

Step 2: Repurpose Your Funpack

As a show of gratitude, we are encouraging Singaporeans and PRs to repurpose your Singapore Together Funpacks into the SG Gratitude Pack by filling it with items that our migrant workers will find useful. These can be simple things like hand sanitizers, masks as well as earphones, power-banks, desk-fans and kettles.

They can be second-hand or new. What matters is not the value. What matters is that it is a gift from the heart. More about this can be found in our FAQ section below. This campaign will run until the end of August (31 August 2020).

Step 3: Donate Your Funpack

Ideally, you can pass your #SGgratitudepack directly to a migrant worker within your circle of influence.  It can be the cleaner in your building or the domestic helper in your home. However, if you prefer to donate to those in the dormitories, you can drop your #SGgratitudepack off at one of our volunteer-run collection points listed below. 

Step 4: Share on Social Media

Lastly, we will be grateful if you can share photos of your packs and your well-wishes for our migrant workers on your social media with the hashtag #SGgratitudepack. This will really help spread the word.

If you support this initiative and would like to pledge to donate your #SGgratitudepack to our migrant brothers and sisters, please click on “sign this petition” !

Note: After you click “sign this petition”, will request for a donation. Please note that this is an advertisement for in return for promoting this post on their platform. We feel it is not necessary.

You can skip the donation by clicking “No, I’ll share instead” and promote this post on your own social media for free. If you are in a position to donate to others in need, please visit and make your donation to a cause of your choice there instead !

About The Organisers


This initiative is led by a group of ordinary citizen changemakers and friends of A Good Space. A Good Space is Singapore’s first co-operative to gather diverse changemakers, activists, dreamers, social entrepreneurs, charities and more, to create the Singapore of our dreams, together. They include:

●      Mr Ashokan Ramakhrishnan, Mother Earth Toastmasters’ Club
●      Mr Tines Anbarasan, SerendipET
●      Mr Abhishek Bajaj, 6th Sense
●      Mr Tan Yihan, Mother Earth Toastmasters' Club
●      Ms Tiffany Gwee, A Good Space 
●      Ms Fari Wu, H.O.P.E Alliance
●      Mr Vincent Ng, A Good Space

Learn more at A Good Space's Website
A Good Space's Linktree

About Our Partners

We are grateful for the support of the following partners, without whom we would not be able to offer a comprehensive list of collection points.

●      ItsRainingRaincoats
●      Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre
●      Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach
●      Be Kind SG
●      SerendipET



1) Where can I drop off my SG Gratitude Pack ?

We are grateful for the volunteers who have offered their homes/ businesses as collection points, which will be up till 31 AUG 2020. We hope you can find a convenient location from the list written out in a document here


Drop off locations: 
1) Yishun
2) Central
3) Bedok
4) Bukit Timah
5) Choa Chu Kang
6) Ang Mo Kio
7) Sembawang
8) Pasir Ris
9) If you have more than 10 packs, we can get a volunteer to come to you to pick up the packs

Go to the link for people to contact/addresses.

2) What should I include in my SG Gratitude Pack ?

You should include things that are useful to migrant workers but are not perishable or too bulky. Please see list of recommended items below:

(this list of items was created in consultation with migrant workers and migrant worker organisations)

Hygiene items :

1) hand sanitizer
2) masks (put in ziplock bag or any clean material)

Consumer items :

3) power bank
4) table fan
5) ear phones
6) mobile phones (please do ensure the phones have already been factory reset)
7) kettle to boil water
8) thermos flasks to hold hot water

Dry food items :

9) coffee / tea
10) biscuits and cookies

Please DO NOT give:

- perishable food/drinks (eg. fresh fruits, fresh cookies/cake/bread etc.) or
- non-halal food. (eg. canned luncheon meat)no fresh fruits or canned luncheon meat, etc)
- half eaten food or half-used items (eg. sanitisers/biscuits/coffee that have already been opened/used)
- dirty/unclean items (eg. Please do make sure your items are clean before putting them in the bags)
- expired products and food (make sure expiry date is at least 6 months or more later)

Second-hand kettles/phone chargers/phones/table fans are accepted, but please do make sure they are in good and working condition please!

3) What if I do not have an NDP funpack but still want to donate and be involved?

We are not restricting the #SGgratitudepacks initiative to just repurposing NDP funpacks. We understand some of you do not own a NDP funpack but still want to contribute. You are free to also use any tote bags in place of the NDP funpack.

4) Will the migrant workers appreciate this gift?

We held a focus group session with Migrant Workers on 9 Jul to get a feel of how the migrant workers would respond to receiving the #SGgratitudepacks. They were unanimous in expressing how they will cherish them as “a gift that comes from the heart” of Singaporeans.  Also, many shared that they have been here for more than 10 years and have come to see Singapore as their “second home”.  This gesture is especially appreciated as it reassures them that they are welcomed here.

5) What more remains to be done for migrant workers?

There are altogether around 1.4 million migrant workers in Singapore (Source). About 200,000 live in Purpose Built Dormitories and another 95,000 in widely dispersed and smaller sized Factory Converted Dormitories. 20,000 in Construction Temporary Quarters, and 85,000 work permit and S Pass holders who in HDB Flats, private residential premises and others  While recent attention to the COVID crisis has accentuated the need to redesign their living conditions, a lot more remains to be done to support the community. These include educational & upgrading opportunities, mental health support, as well as community strengthening efforts.

6) What more can I do to support our Migrant Workers ?

There are many migrant worker support groups doing great work. If you would like to offer your time and resources, you can reach out to them directly.

ItsRaininingRaincoats is an initiative that aims to improve the lives of migrant workers in Singapore by building bridges to strengthen their integration into our community, city and country.

7) Where can I get updates about the campaign?

The campaign would mostly be updated through the campaign’s official Facebook page ( Other than that, there would also be updates on A Good Space’s social media platforms such as our Instagram page ( and Facebook page (

So... Pledge your #SGgratitudepack for our Migrant Workers and let us know WHY you have pledged your #SGgratitudepack! Do also help spread the word!

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