Singapore: Subscribe to reusable bag rental service during grocery shopping!

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In my country, where there isn't a plastic ban, retailers continue to give out plastic bags freely while consumers continue to use them thoughtlessly. In 2018, our 5,791,901 population consumed 820,000,000 plastic bags from just grocery stores alone - this excludes all other instances whereby plastic bags are being used.

Despite our highly educated population, most people choose to feign ignorance by detaching themselves from environmental issues. Perhaps our people are not to blame, for the notion of recycling is extremely weak here and the concept of recycling was never a main focus back then in school. As a result, many of us love plastic bags for its "convenience". This is an unhealthy habit that must go, but changing a habit is hard, isn't it?

My team, Swoop, recognises that, and we seek to help others cultivate a new habit of using reusable bags by making reusable bags hassle free!

To better help our people to cultivate the habit of subscribing to reusable bags instead of plastic bags, my team is in the midst of creating a reusable bag rental service for grocery stores. By setting up physical reusable bag rental booths in grocery stores, "forgetting to bring your own reusable bags" will then become an excuse of the past. We have sent out countless of collaboration emails to major grocery stores but as of present, we have only received little support. 

Therefore, as the saying goes, "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples". Your one vote can go a long way, vote for us to support this reusable bag rental concept and to pledge that you will use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. Together, we can help make the future of grocery shopping greener than before!